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SKU: 895-33352 Verna Witt Tall Button Vase

Verna Witt Tall Button Vase
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  • SKU: 895-33352 Verna Witt Tall Button Vase

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Stunning handcrafted vase by clay artist Verna Witt.

Measures 10.5"H x 4.5"W x 3.5"D

My life as a ceramic artist reflects my formal training as a textile designer. My work is often inspired by fashion; from clothing to accessories. I create clay vessels that might seem “wearable”; this will appeal to people who can see beyond the usual. Using stoneware clay slab technique, I am looking for ways to elicit surprise and create vessels that fool the eye. I custom design patterns for shapes, “pockets” and flaps. Various shades of clay
are used and left unglazed on the outside for a “leather” look. Metallic glaze is used on a clay zipper, clasps or buckle, my intent is to entice the viewer to come take a closer look. Perhaps tempt them to touch my pottery to make sure it is all made out of clay.

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