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SKU: 464-31634 Una Barrett Hex Talon Peach Moonstone Earrings

Una Barrett Hex Talon Peach Moonstone Earrings
Purchase Una Barrett Hex Talon Peach Moonstone Earrings
  • SKU: 464-31634 Una Barrett Hex Talon Peach Moonstone Earrings

  • $194.25

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Made from sterling and brass these earrings have an antique quality yet seem so modern. They are elevated by a peach moonstone held in place by brass talon style prongs.

Measures 1" wide x 1.5" long

Wearable and sculptural jewelry is created by incorporating sterling silver, bronze, copper, gold, and many other materials. The fusion of the ancient past and modern society is the focus of the work. Inspiration for forms and concepts of the jewelry is pulled from ancient functional and sacred objects of many cultures. Interpretations of ancient objects and symbols such as the abacus, mandala, papoose, and spiral are integrated with forms influenced by the modern society and architecture that we exist in today. The artist utilizes fabrication methods such as lost wax casting, forging, fold forming, conventional and innovative stone setting, soldering, and Ethiopian book binding as tools to create metaphors to study present society. The artist creates a conceptual bridge to span the gap of time, joining the past to the modernization of today.

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