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SKU: 343-32450 Timothy Sullivan Small Orb Vase

Timothy Sullivan Small Orb Vase
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  • SKU: 343-32450 Timothy Sullivan Small Orb Vase

  • $225.75

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Gorgeous handcrafted ceramic vase by clay artist Timothy Sullivan.

Measures 5.5" tall x 5.5" wide

Most of my forms are wheel thrown using traditional throwing techniques.  Some are constructed on the wheel with a combination of slabs, coils, and hump molds.  Handles are generally extruded, pulled, and carved.  Man of the pieces are altered when wet, and the development of the final form continues through the bone dry state. I love the rich interactions, surface depth, and subtleties that can be achieved by layering and overlapping multiple glazes.  I begin by drawing with glazes to establish basic patterns and a framework for spraying and layering additional glazes.  The airbrush allows for fine shading and larger guns provide for softer transitions between colors.

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