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SKU: 891-21532 Terry Gess Rose Tea Pot

Terry Gess Rose Tea Pot
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  • SKU: 891-21532 Terry Gess Rose Tea Pot

  • $393.75

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Keep your favorite beverage cozy with this stunning handcrafted ceramic tea pot by clay artist Terry Gess.

Measures 8.5" tall x 7.5" wide

My work as a studio potter has allowed me to dip into this strong current as I developed a working competence with clay bodies, glazes and kilns–the mechanics of pottery making. While I am committed to the development and promotion of my career through galleries and exhibitions, my pottery is meant to be placed in people’s homes, not on gallery pedestals. An object of small scale allows a work of power and substance to be incorporated into the household environment. It assures the role of facility and brings beauty to the commonplace.

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