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SKU: 286-32795 Ruthie Cohen Sapphire Cuff Links

Ruthie Cohen Sapphire Cuff Links
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  • SKU: 286-32795 Ruthie Cohen Sapphire Cuff Links

  • $624.75

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Handcrafted cuff links by jewelry artist Ruthie Cohen. Eroded texture cufflinks with black star sapphire cabochons, black rose cut diamonds, salt & pepper rose cut diamonds

Measures One Size Fits Most

I have always had a life-long fascination with color and patterns in light. I remember as a child spending hours studying clouds, the flecks and veins of mica in granite, and water flow patterns in streams. My jewelry designs and stone colors are chosen with the idea in mind that light in its various levels of color and depth is released from the hidden shadows and dances through defiantly. These days, Ruthie’s jewelry designs have become a study of contrast. Metal textures have come into play along with the more three dimensional aspect of chasing and repousse. New beginnings and new design paths are opening up. Enjoy your travel down those paths to explore Ruthie’s vision of wearable art.

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