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SKU: 336-31764 Robb Helmkamp Maple Walnut Slide Top Box

Robb Helmkamp Maple Walnut Slide Top Box
Purchase Robb Helmkamp Maple Walnut Slide Top Box
  • SKU: 336-31764 Robb Helmkamp Maple Walnut Slide Top Box

  • $236.25

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Gorgeous handcrafted maple and walnut wood box with slide top by wood artist Robb Helmkamp.

Measures 7" wide x 4" tall x 2" deep

Making stylized contemporary furniture, sculpture and accessories is a culmination of my life experiences. My dad was a naval officer. On the opposite end, my mom was a clay artist. Machine versus Craft. Throughout most of my life I was surrounded by air shows, naval bases, art and craft shows, and galleries. My fascination with the military machine would forever cast an inquisitive light on my art and woodworking. I make the work I do to explore the influence of the military on my life. By juxtaposing wood and metal, light and dark tones, smooth and rough textures, I use wood as a canvas. My intention is to investigate and embrace this dichotomy to find a way in which I can express these opinions, likes, dislikes, fears and concerns. Pushing my own boundaries and skills as a woodworker, I use furniture making as an expressive form of communication.

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