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SKU: 336-32814 Robb Helmkamp Curve Mirror

Robb Helmkamp Curve Mirror
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  • SKU: 336-32814 Robb Helmkamp Curve Mirror

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Gaze into your true self with this stunning handcrafted ash and goncalo alves wood mirror by wood artist Robb Helmkamp.

Measures 26.75" tall x 17.5" wide

Illuminating Our Reflections: Lamps and Mirrors an exhibition by Trista Chapman, exhibiting artist in Clay, and Robb Helmkamp, exhibiting artist in Wood. Open April 8th-30th.

New work by Chapman and Helmkamp takes a look at the past two years of darkness and uncertainty, while looking forward with light and hope into the future.

"Specifically defining our existence within a limited scope of parameters is a symptom of fear and failure in our society. The meaning of life is to be who you are. We can all be a woman, a man, and anything around and in between. Each of these mirrors carries with it a message of love, kindness and peace created with the zero's and one's used in binary code... and with these words you can look into the mirror to find your true self."

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