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SKU: 867-31689 Penny Truitt Dispersal

Penny Truitt Dispersal
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  • SKU: 867-31689 Penny Truitt Dispersal

  • $1,155.00

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From Penny's artist statement on this piece,  "Images of wind and water keep re-emerging- both are elements that ignore all but natural currents.  this piece is one in a series that refer to seed containers; containers that are ambivilent pods or boats. I imagine them gliding through water or skimming a landscape, propelled by wind. Perhaps the phenomena of natural dispersion and migration can suggest a newly-found freedom and disregard for boundaries on many levels."

Piece comes in three parts. Each section measures approximately 27" tall x 4" deep x 7" wide.

These sculptures are an attempt to embody the intention of permanence and the futility of that pursuit. They are made to reveal that inherent flow, and remain as witness to our past and present. Patterns imprinted on the land are shadows and echoes of exploration, displacement, and resettlement. They reveal a history of activity that is equally notable. Some surfaces are in response to those traces, also evidence that exposes our history and presence

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