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SKU: 243-32969 Mary Gunyuzlu Flamingo

Mary Gunyuzlu Flamingo
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  • SKU: 243-32969 Mary Gunyuzlu Flamingo

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Quirky and fun flamingo with chick ceramic sculpture by clay artist Mary Gunyuzlu.

Measures 12.5" tall x 15" wide x 9" deep

Whenever I feel like I want to escape from the usual passage of life, I yearn for exotic places where water bubbles up in crystal clear springs, the ocean reflects turquoise skies and the animals and plants look otherworldly. Galapagos turtles, Florida alligators, Puerto Rican flying fish, Caribbean palm trees and Venus fly traps come to mind. One of the most iconic symbols of vacation for me is the flamingo. Donning vibrant coral-colored, fluffy feathers upon its elegant and slender form, this bird screams, “Come to where the mangroves thrive and the sands of the beaches are like sugar. Here there are no snowstorms or Nor’Easters. No coats, no umbrellas, no shoes, no gloves, just bare feet in the sand and cool springs.  Let’s go Southbound!

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