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SKU: 795-31410 Martina Moore Spring Mask

Martina Moore Spring Mask
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  • SKU: 795-31410 Martina Moore Spring Mask

  • $204.75

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The piece is made from sculpted vegetable tanned leather embellished with dyes, acrylics, beads and gems. 
Measures 17" long x 13" wide x 2" deep. Wire hanging on the back. 

Since early childhood I carved, sculpted and modeled fantasy characters, dolls and faces from any material I could get my hands on. I am always intrigued and fascinated by ancient cultures, their traditions and ceremonies and their strong connection to nature. Being outside surrounded by nature gives me a feeling of belonging and home. By creating a mask I can bond my passion for old cultures and nature together and create expressions of beauty in a way that can uplift the human spirit. In studying leather sculptures from the Orient and Spain and Venetian Paper Mache’ masks from Italy I found a media challenging and rewarding at the same time. The feathers I use are obtained from farm raised birds, mainly exotic chickens, various pheasants, turkey and guinea. I create each piece intuitively starting with an idea of color and shape to reflect the energy and beauty of nature.

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