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SKU: 416-31434 Kim Dills Kimono In Spring

Kim Dills Kimono In Spring
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  • SKU: 416-31434 Kim Dills Kimono In Spring

  • $393.75

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Handcrafted mixed-media artwork by Kim Dills created by layering paints and glazes on framed wood. 

Measures 7" wide x 13.25" long

I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I was introduced at an early age to art by my paternal grandmother. She was an artist and weaver and I would often sit on her loom bench while she wove. I earned a BFA  at East Carolina University, then moved to Boulder Colorado where I began taking weaving and fiber arts classes while working at the University of Colorado. In  2000, I moved back east to Asheville, NC where I began to explore new mediums in my work. I began to meld my background in design and illustration with my love of textile and pattern and an appreciation of wood and its versatility. My current work combines oil paints, hand-mixed stains, dyes and glazes on wood in designs inspired by nature and the patterns in textiles.

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