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SKU: 288-32985 Kathy King "Am I There Yet?" Rainbow Beaded Necklace

Kathy King "Am I There Yet?" Rainbow Beaded Necklace
Purchase Kathy King "Am I There Yet?" Rainbow Beaded Necklace
  • SKU: 288-32985 Kathy King "Am I There Yet?" Rainbow Beaded Necklace

  • $997.50

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Stunning handcrafted off-loom bead weave necklace by jewelry artist Kathy King. 

Measures total 70" long. 3 separate necklaces.

Sitting at my desk trying to decide on what to make that fits the theme, I looked over at my shelves full of all my size 15 seeds beads. I started thinking about all the beads I had and got inspired to make a necklace made up of every color of the tiny beads. I recently counted how many I have and it is over 450 colors of size 15s. I did not get to them all, reaching a total of 185 colors in the finished piece. So, am I there yet? No.

But white making the piece I also started thinking about what meanings are given to the colors I was using, especially the pinks. With that is currently going on with the Supreme Court and other issues within our country, the piece also answers the questions, “Are We There Yet with equality for women?” And the answer to that is definitely, no. So I have a long way to go using all the beads, but more importantly, this country has a long way to go to reach equality for all its citizens. The piece consists of there separate necklaces that can be joined together. The lengths are as follows:

Full Necklace: 70 inches (total of 185 beaded beads with a total of 14,800 seed beads)

Red-Orange-Yellow-Green: 28 Inches (76 beaded beads)

Blue: 19 inches (49 beaded beads)

Purple-Pink: 23 inches (60 beaded beads)

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