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SKU: 781-31032 John Gunther Vinyard

John Gunther Vinyard
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  • SKU: 781-31032 John Gunther Vinyard

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Not your average woven piece.  John weaves aluminum strips together to create texture and contrast on curved board to add depth and movement. 
Measures 2' wide x 3' tall. 
Includes 15" wooden bar, needs nail or screw. 
Secure with velcro on the bar and on the back.   

I've been a weaver my whole life. With the gift of a loom in the early 70's I began weaving hand dyed wool fiber that became wall tapestry and area rugs. From there I moved on to silk and now I weave aluminum. I start with 2 sheets of primed aluminum. Each sheet is painted twice in a similar manner to each other. I then begin cutting one sheet horizontally and the other vertically into thin strips that will be woven into each other. This shifts my original image slightly to give it more dimension.After they are completely woven they are secured with a specially painted aluminum tape. I mount the woven piece onto wood and create a secure wooden frame from which to hang the piece. Many of my pieces are one of a kind from images I see in landscapes in my current rural mountain retreat. I also use city skylines, ocean shorelines, fields of harvest, or anything in the earth's environment that I find inspiring.

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