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SKU: 028-31648 Emerald Estock Wrenched Vessel

Emerald Estock Wrenched Vessel
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  • SKU: 028-31648 Emerald Estock Wrenched Vessel

  • $262.50

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At first glance this looks like a wood vesel but as you get closer the image changes and you realize this piece is a photo of a wall of wrenches, hence the name, "Wrenched".  This vessel is created by hand weaving a photograph with waxed linen chord that has been attached to a wooden base and finished by hand forming the rim from multiple layers of cherry veneer. A great whimsical piece.

Measures 7.5" tall x 7.75" wide x 3.25"  deep

I’ve had some hearing loss since childhood and developed moderately severe tinnitus so having art as a focus has been very helpful way to cope with that 24/7 condition. I enjoyed ceramics and oil painting in high school before I discovered my visual voice in photography. I continued to pursue photography in college, particularly printing. After 35 years of photography, I took a break. I studied basket weaving with Susan Laswell (Heartsong Baskets) and thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. I also got hearing aids.  I was astonished with how busy the world is, how fractured our attention. All these endeavors recharged my creativity and influenced the direction of my art. I returned to photography intrigued with uniting the tactile elements of basket weaving with my photographic prints. The added dimension invites the viewer into the image. I strive to instill a peacefulness in each piece. Nature photography is my primary source of inspiration, but shapes, texture, and light interplay in many places, majestic and ordinary.

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