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SKU: 020-28950 Debrorah Bryant Red Twist Shawl

Debrorah Bryant Red Twist Shawl
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  • SKU: 020-28950 Debrorah Bryant Red Twist Shawl

  • $204.75

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This shawl has a playful twist in the front and a longer point in the back with fringe accent. Features shades of yellow, peach along with orange-red.

22" at the opening, 29" long to the fringe bottom. 

If you ever got a breath-taking thrill upon opening the BIG box of 64 Crayola crayons, in awe of the possibilities, then you know the way I feel when I look at the world around me and consider my next dye project and how that will transform into a piece of fabric and then become a wearable item. The way that yarn holds onto color, with all the light and shadow and texture, is exciting for me.  I feel there is an endless path to combining these colorful threads and weaving them into beautiful, functional cloth that can be worn and enjoyed every day.

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