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SKU: 034-31657 Dawn Hinsley Jones Crazy Triangle Geometric Platter

Dawn Hinsley Jones Crazy Triangle Geometric Platter
Purchase Dawn Hinsley Jones Crazy Triangle Geometric Platter
  • SKU: 034-31657 Dawn Hinsley Jones Crazy Triangle Geometric Platter

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Handcrafted glass platter in a unqiue modern design by exhibiting artist in glass Dawn Hinsley Jones

Measures 7" wide x 7" long x 1" tall

Dawn Hinesley Jones' art glass pieces begin with an original design and evolve through composing multiple pieces and layers of glass. Each piece is kiln-fired to 1400-1500 degrees, then either slumped or cold-worked and finished. As hand-crafted work, the pieces may not be perfect, but they are all unique. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas Tech University in Printmaking and Painting, Jones established a career in graphic design and illustration. Her fine art endeavors evolved into mixed media painting and hand-made papers. Her work explores a sculptural side of two-dimensional pieces. In 2012, Dawn began taking that exploration into glass. She has experimented in hot glass, and is currently working to master fusing art glass. "I enjoy creating pieces that challenge the line between two- and three-dimensional art. Glass also adds the dimension of light in a way that is unique to each piece. I infuse my pieces with a sense of symbolism to make an impression on the viewer." Her artwork has been shown in galleries in El Paso, Texas; Stockton, California; Knoxville, Tennessee; Asheville, NC; and Winston-Salem, NC.

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