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SKU: 227-33269 Bryant Holsenbeck Brown Chicken

Bryant Holsenbeck Brown Chicken
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  • SKU: 227-33269 Bryant Holsenbeck Brown Chicken

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Add a bit of whimsy to any room with this handcrafted mixed-media sculpture by artist Bryant Holsenbeck.

Measures 13"T x 8" W

For over a decade now, I have been documenting the stuff of our society that we use once and throw away. Americans create more garbage, per capita, than any other culture, yet we are blind to our waste. I believe this is a function of our wealth, and the vastness of our country. We have the room to hide our waste, and the money to make more. I collect many things, among them, bottle caps, credit cards, pencils, and chop sticks. I use these everyday items to make work, which transforms the objects and surprises us. I am an environmentalist, receiving great joy from the natural world. This makes me aware of how we take what we have for granted. We are used to using stuff once and then throwing it away. We may throw it away, but my work makes me aware of its continual impact.

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