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SKU: 030-31074 Anne & Peter Hanson Textured Circle Collar

Anne & Peter Hanson Textured Circle Collar
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  • SKU: 030-31074 Anne & Peter Hanson Textured Circle Collar

  • $334.95

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Stunning handcrafted sterling silver and 18k gold necklace by jewelry artists Ann and Peter Hanson.

Measures 1" rnd. 18" L

Our jewelry designs come about through direct manipulation of the metal.  The workbench is one continuous collage of metal pieces; wires, textured scraps of metal, all different shapes and thicknesses.  Add to this an assortment of pliers, shears, and hammers and we have a great environment for creating jewelry.  This is our recipe for inspiration.  We play with the various shapes and textures to create dimensional, lightweight jewelry that appeals to both casual and formal styles.  The combinations of metals and the highly polished surfaces give our work a simple elegance that compliments the wearer. For inspiration, we look to forms in nature such as waves on the ocean or rolling hills.  We try to incorporate the gentle curves and add texture and pattern to the metal so that it may look like different types of leaves or rain drops.  Each piece of jewelry is unique, even though we create several pieces with the same basic design.

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