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SKU: 320-15523 Addison Paige #6 Framed Quilt

Addison Paige #6 Framed Quilt
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  • SKU: 320-15523 Addison Paige #6 Framed Quilt

  • $495.00

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Contemporary handcrafted geometric quilt by fiber artist Addison Paige. Matted and framed.

Measures 10" wide x 20" tall

What can I say that won’t sound like every other artist statement? I do think all artists are drawn to making art from basically the same deep need to create something visual to express who we are and what we have a need to say. I make art because it is who I am as well as what I do. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Art colors the way I view the world around me, and the world affects the way I make art. My work is full of my past influences, personal history, and emotional interactions.

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